Entombed A.D., as a separate entity to the original Entombed moniker, have been plying their trade since 2014, releasing two albums, touring heavily, and basically keeping the HM-2 Swedish death metal roar alive. Their previous releases have been firm and full of gravedigging groove, chock-full of riffs and headbanging glory. 

Bowels Of Earth deviates very little from their solid template, offering more of the same heavy atmosphere and packed with chunky goodness. The songs are easily digestible, as they barrel over the ears with distorted abandon and head out before overstaying their welcome. A surprising inclusion is a cover of Hank Williams’ ‘I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive’ which is given the Stockholm treatment and a fun diversion, as is the out-of-character ‘Bourbon Nightmare’. The big hitters however are opener ‘Torment Remains’ and the title track, both weighty rippers. L-G’s vocals are, as always, brutal and on-point – as one of the original Swedish death metal throats, this is a given. Much like his work on classic Entombed records like Morning Star and Uprising, he leads the charge boldly, but there are times here where a bit of strain is starting to creep in – age is a bugger, unfortunately. The guitars are fiery hot, the bass can be felt deep in your tummy, and Olle rocks a total tight-but-loose punk vibe on the drums. The artwork is stellar, the lyrics are a bit naughty, and it is undoubtedly a delightful way to spend thirty-six minutes of your time.

Is it a game-changer? Is it in line for album of the year? Not quite, but at this stage of the game, it would take a monumental leap to even try. The world is simply a better place with Entombed A.D. in it, and Bowels Of Earth is the kind of party music that should be played at every party.

Bowels of Earth is available now via Century Media and can be purchased here.

Words: John Morrow


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