Review / Invultation – Feral Legion

Bestial black metal is a notoriously no-nonsense corner of extreme music (at least it presents as such) and Invultation wouldn’t have it any other way on their third outing, Feral Legion. A short 50 seconds of thrumming feedback and military-style drum rolls is all that staves off the coming onslaught. It’s clear that the bloodbath that’s been promised is inevitable.

‘The Howling Convocation’ opens predictably, but appropriately, with a sudden barrage of pummeling blasts and grinding tremolo riffs. The vocals are an indecipherable stream of guttural grunts and growls and the tempo never relents except to lock into an equally punishing low-register groove. The nearest thing to respite, not just in the album but across the entirety of this micro-genre, is merely a subtle easing of the knife on your flesh. Violence is in business and business is booming.

Looking for variety? Look elsewhere. Feral Legion is a tightly edited but one-note stream of blackened death metal, which should turn off no bestial black metal worshippers. It earns that “bestial” descriptor more than most thanks to the recurring werewolf imagery and themes, and though the mix is cleaner than the usual fare it doesn’t totally eschew the viscera needed for maximum impact. True disciples of bestial warcraft have a new altar at which to leave their offerings. Blood, guts, and all.

Feral Legion is out now via Sentient Ruin Laboratories and can be ordered here.

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