The Tolkien Issue


A new A5 zine exploring JRR Tolkien’s expansive legendarium, including its influence on heavy metal.


JRR Tolkien’s extensive writings, and the world of Middle-earth, have had a seismic impact on our culture, including the heavy music we hold dear. Our latest zine explores the legendary author’s works from a variety of angles, looking at their enduring legacy, complex politics and unending influence on the world of metal.

Inside you’ll find thinkpieces exploring the politics of Tolkien’s work, deep dives into the philosophical underpinnings of key characters, ruminations on the film adaptations of his works, and even more lighthearted looks at parody bands and the hobbits’ influence on weed culture and stoner rock.

The Tolkien Issue drops 30th July 2021.

Please note: Thanks to Brexit, we’re currently unable to offer EU shipping. Sorry! We’re as pissed off as you are about it.

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