Issue 5 Digital Edition


The fifth print issue of Astral Noize, available digitally.


One year on from its eponymous release (and precisely one week after the final order of the physical product sold), the stellar fifth issue of our ‘zine is available digitally. Featuring a plethora of artists such as Racetraitor, Pharmakon, Ithaca, Daughters, Sunn O))) and Neurosis, a scene report on South Korea’s punk and a retrospective section examining some of the most venerable metal, Issue 5 is the largest, longest and best edition of the Astral Noize ‘zine we’ve ever put out, and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Issue 5 is available digitally here at £2.50, and is free for our patreon subscribers. We will be delivering digital editions of our back-issue catalogue via our eCommerce store (right here) and to all of our Patreon subscribers in its entirety before the end of the year. 

PS. The original version of this issue featured False. Because multiple accusations of abuse surfaced against bassist Jimmy Claypool earlier this year, we have taken the decision to remove the feature with False. 

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