Astral Noize Issue 6


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PLEASE NOTE: We will be taking a break from packing and sending orders from May 20th 2021 until our next zine drops this summer. Please keep in mind when ordering that we will be unable to fulfil until this time. We are entirely unpaid for our efforts at Astral Noize and need a break this summer.

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The latest instalment of our zine is jam-packed with in-depth thinkpieces, interviews and retrospectives. Worldwide delivery available.

Size: A4, bound copy, 90 pages.

Digital copies will be available on 11th.

Featuring: Napalm Death, Moor Mother, Svalbard, Neckbeard Deathcamp, Adzes, Rage zine takeover, Per Yngve Ohlin (Mayhem/Morbid), Duma, Wallowing, Luke Oram, Blood Incantation, Respire, Corpse Thrower, with cover art by Ana-Maria Terr of Halfmeltedbrain Records. 

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