Review / Acausal Intrusion – Seeping Evocation

Technical death metal ain’t made with everybody in mind, but Acausal Intrusion do the impossible by delivering something technical, disgusting, and cosmically horrifying all at once with Seeping Evocation. The two-piece reject the rigid, sterile sounds of Obscura or Beyond Creation in favor of underground rawness and Demilich-style oddity. The mix is skeletal, the instruments slithering over and in between each other instead of trying to fight to be heard within a wall of sound. The drum work is pure chaos. The blasts seem like they itch to slip from the leash of their tempo and fly into the unknown with wild-eyed fills at every corner. The guitars dive through spastic sequences into surprising melody into hammer-blow rhythms with disregard. Nothing’s quite right in this realm of non-comprehension. 

The package seems mismatched in a surprisingly good way, like two creatures fused together with the forceful hand of something with a sinister disregard for nature. The drums seem ever ready to detach from the angular, evolving riff work, while the comparatively straightforward groans and growls in the vocal department struggle to hang on. As perhaps obtuse as the concepts behind the project are, the music in every way matches that. This is technical death metal for people frustrated with the brickwalled sheen of the modern frontrunners, people who wish it still called back to the decay and violence of their 90s influences.

Seeping Evocation is out now via I, Voidhanger Records and can be ordered here.

Words: Brett Tharp

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