Review / Why Patterns – Regurgitorium

When you read that a band contains members of Wren, Warren Schoenbright and Deleted Narrative, you already know you’re in for an onslaught of eccentricity, caustic riffage and chaos, and Regurgitorium, the debut release from noise punk trio Why Patterns does not disappoint. 

With some of the nastiest low-end you’re likely to hear all year, Why Patterns’ aim is to disorientate and alienate the listener in equal measure, and they pull this off via 11 tracks of sonic carnage. From the scattergun bass and hypnotic vocals of ‘Elective Affinitives’, the ominous spoken word ‘Silentium’, the blistering terror of ‘Wretched Makeshifts’ and System Of A Down recalling nu-metal vibes of ‘Railway Spine’, the listener is kept constantly on the back foot as to where Why Patterns will go next. And therein lies the album’s appeal; listening to three passionate musicians let rip with an ever mutating aural assault. Their sound is further enhanced by its superb production, courtesy of Petbrick’s Wayne Adams, who’s rendered the album with a clarity the music truly deserves, like on the shapeshifting ‘Unstimmung’, where the natural dynamics of the track are given air to fully breathe.

Unbridled and at times visceral, ‘Regurgitorium’ remains bafflingly accessible and addictive. With their off-kilter rhythms, and dare I say, angular riffs, Why Patterns have produced an album of fierce originality. 

Regurgitorium is out now via Human Worth and can be purchased here

Words: Adam Pegg

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