Review / Konvent – Call Down The Sun

Two years on from their stately debut Puritan Masochism, Copenhagen’s death doom quartet Konvent return with Call Down The Sun, a snarling beast of a record that builds on the promise of the band’s debut by adding new textures to their gloomy palette and sees the band subtly explore new pastures.

Konvent like their sound pitch black, and opener ‘Into The Distance’ immediately plunges the listener into the inky depths as eerie atmospherics and bristling guitars are accompanied by vocalist Rikki Emilie List’s devastatingly primeval growls, and the thunderous rhythm section of bassist Heidi WIthington Brink and drummer Julie Simonson.  Konvent’s sound was far from light and airy on their debut, but it feels like they’ve doubled down on the darkness here, with List’s death vocals in particular sounding more guttural and punishing than ever. The band have expanded their core sound too, with elements of post-metal shimmering away in the guitar tones of the urgent ‘Gains’ and the surging, melancholic melodies of epic closing track ‘Harena’. Featuring mournful strings and subtle leads from guitarist Sara Helena Norregaard, it also stands as the bands most impressive and emotive track to date. Other highlights included the towering funeral march doom of ‘Never Rest’, the vicious ‘Sand Is King’ which allows List to push her black metal screams to the fore and the crushing groove filled riff fest that is ‘Pipe Dreams’.

Calling Call Down The Sun a ‘better’ album than Puritan Masochism does their debut a disservice, but there’s a definite growth, maturity and keener focus present here, with the band obviously determined to expand on and carve out their own sound. Fans of their debut will find much to love here, and with Call Down The Sun being their richest, most satisfying offering yet and one that will hopefully help the band gain a greater following.

Call Down The Sun is out 11th March via Napalm Records and can be purchased here.

Words: Adam Pegg

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