Order the Environmentalism Issue Now!

Announcing the Astral Noize Environmentalism Issue!

This smaller, limited-run zine is jam-packed full of artist interviews, analysis, poetry and photography focused entirely on the current environmental crisis that grips our planet in 2022. Click here to order now.

In keeping with its message of climate justice, this ‘zine is being weaponised to help those most at risk from climate change. We’ll also be posting a breakdown of our costs this week, but from our projections, we are hoping for this release to bring in £1,000 in donations. 

These donations will go to Survival International, a human rights foundation which aims to champion indigenous tribal peoples around the world by helping them defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.

In order to also limit our contribution to the environmental damage incurred by global supply lines, this zine will be limited to a run of 100 copies, and will only be available for purchase inside the UK. 

Digital copies will be available worldwide and 100% of what you pay for the digital zines will go to Survival International

Check out our site tomorrow for a full breakdown of the zine’s content on the Astral Noize site.

Click here to order The Environmentalism Issue now.

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