Album Premiere: Dani Lee Pearce – Spider Mountain

Blending the mystic and spiritual with the grim reality of existence, Dani Lee Pearce‘s new record Spider Mountain draws equally from her experiences living homeless for half a decade with folklore, mythology and fantasy. These realms are often used for escapism but they’re also embedded within our culture and history, and the folkloric storytelling tradition has long been used as a method of reflecting on reality and the lessons we learn in life. And so it is with Spider Mountain.

Musically the release is unlike anything else, experimenting with loose electronic compositions but also touching on both keyboard-driven prog and synthy pop. Often it’s understated, luring you in slowly, but when it wants to switch speeds it wastes no time in emerging into something dramatic and impassioned, occasionally catching you off guard as it does so.

The release is available to order now from Grimalkin Records, so check it on in full below then head here to pick up a download, limited edition cassette or Special Limited Edition 10″ Lathe.

Spider Mountain is available now from Grimalkin Records. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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