Album Premiere: Necrosferatul – Ancient Bloodlines Mean Nothing

From the anonymous mastermind behind post-black metal and occult ambient drone outfit Aeons And Monuments, the minimalist doomgaze of TIEF and one-half of gloomy black metal offspring Wintarslāf comes this enigmatic new project self-described as a “blackened beach party”. It’s always great to see black metal not take itself too seriously nor stick too rigidly to the genre’s conventions (look out for touches of black ‘n’ roll, thrash and psychedelia), but the project also has its targets firmly in sight as well – the rich and powerful.

This is vampyric black metal where the victims are the supposed elite, flipping the script to give the oppressed the power as the bearers of fangs sucking the very lifeforce out from the greedy. Today we’re thrilled to bring you a stream of the project’s epic debut, which drops tomorrow via Bandcamp. Pre-orders are now live so check it out below then head here to pick up your copy.

From the artist: “Vampyrism is most and foremost a metaphor here. Instead of gazing upon baroque castles with ornate mirrors and chandeliers and bloodsoaked gowns of velvet – and other romanticised topoi of this much celebrated and somewhat gimmicky setting alone – Necrosferatul is much more about crushing idols and desecrating false gods, bringing down the sociopathic parasites who betray humanity, the nobles and royals and toxic oppressors who wilfully turn themselves into vampyres in a much more real and devastating sense: by feeding off the blood and livelihoods of those they exploit, pushing them further into desperation, poverty, illness and ultimately death in order to fund and support their own greedy goals.”

Ancient Bloodlines Mean Nothing is out 18th February. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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