Album Premiere: Please Lose Battle – Fond de frigo

An eclectic merging of live bass and drums with 8-bit chiptune, Please Lose Battle‘s unique sound is every bit as colourful as the wacky album cover to their new release suggests. New record Fond de frigo (that’s “fridge bottom”, according to Google) merges both power pop energy and mathcore wizardry with NES 2A03 soundchip to create something fun, catchy and a little bit cheeky. If you’re lacking energy right now, stick it on and feed off its cartoony vivaciousness – you won’t regret it.

In an exclusive bundle that’s only available until the 30th, the CD even comes housed in a plastic sandwich. Brilliant.

The full release drops next week but you can stream it now below! Check it out and head to the Bandcamp page to order.

Fond de frigo is out 28th January. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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