Review / Nunslaughter — Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death

Arguably one metal’s most prolific bands, Nunslaughter has been churning out searing satanic sounds since the late ‘80s. Amidst the overwhelming mass of output over the past three decades, the group has an astoundingly small number of full-length releases. In the Fall of 2021 they added another one to their massive oeuvre, Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death.

Having established their hellish sonic covenant in Northeast Ohio, they have been an arbiter of blasphemous metal east of the Mississippi River rivaled only by fellow American profane pontificators Profanatica. So what does Don of the Dead and his cohorts Tormentor, Wrath, and Detonate have for the world with Nunslaughter’s sixth full-length release in their existence? A non-stop romp through the depths of hell, that’s what. From the start of ‘Murmur’ to the end of ‘Below The Cloven Hoof’ the album is a harrowing journey. The listener is assaulted with a wide variety of sinful samplings, from the blatant denunciation of the Christian dogma, to rampant sexual rutting, to devil worship, to gleeful gore and death. 

All the Satanic content aside, what is most impressive is how powerful and cohesive Nunslaughter is on Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death. Glimpses of this glory were seen on their split with Master in 2020. There is not one sonic element that feels out of place or shoehorned. The drum work is pristine and would make their late drummer Sadist happy as a clam (in hell). Don’s vocals are clear while carrying the unhinged fury of a Balrog. The guitar and bass elements chug along like a locomotive with a boiler teetering on exploding, with flames belching out of the conductor’s cabin. The frenetic energy of ‘The Devil Will Not Stray’ beautifully encapsulates the entire ethos of Nunslaughter’s self proclaimed “devil metal”.

Simply put, it’s some damn good death metal debauchery.

Red is the Color of Ripping Death is out now via Hells Headbangers Records and can be ordered here.

Words: Garrett A. Tanner

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