Photo Gallery: Video Nasties, Aggressive Perfector and Razoreater at the Black Heart (Nov 2021)

It’s not the worst turn out for a wintery Thursday night in Camden, but it could be better as support acts Razoreater and Aggressive Perfector take to the stage. Luckily, however, despite the threat of Omicron, a few more punters show up to be slaughtered by tonight’s Liverpudlian headliners Video Nasties.

Razoreater from Peterborough fire the first shot in the obliteration of the Black Heart and straight off the bat kick things off with explosive and gnarly grindcore packed with relentless and punchy buzzsaw guitars and abrasive hardcore-tinged vocals.

Next to step up and fuck things up a bit more is speed metal trio Aggressive Perfector from Manchester, who blast out a punky ode to retro thrash to an appreciative head-banging audience.

Finishing up their last leg of a UK tour, Merseyside quartet Video Nasties end on a high note, terrorising The Black Heart with balls out crusty black ‘n’ roll based on b-movie slasher films. Having released their second full-length album Dominion in 2020 after last annihilating the Black Heart at Desertfest in 2019, there haven’t been many opportunities to wreak havoc due to the very real havoc of Covid, but all that is forgotten as the band gleefully play an ominous set of crusty punk with Swedish melodeath vibes and an added cinematic pinch of John Carpenter. Video Nasties’ sound is as terrifying as it is tongue-in-cheek and fits the theme perfectly, especially when accompanied with plenty of smoke and eerie green light.

Images and words: Abi Coulson of Darktones Photography

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