Album Premiere: Eeli Helin – Vestibule

Back in the Summer we were thrilled to premiere debut full-length The Lurks from Finnish multi-instrumentalist Eeli Helin, a release full of cavernous soundscapes that utterly consumed the listener. Now, we’re just as honoured and excited to bring you the follow-up, Vestibule, which despite its slow and atmospheric nature wastes no time in ensnaring you into its bottomless abyss by kicking off with a deep, booming drone that seems to reach out from the void like tentacles of shadow so delicate you barely notice them trapping your limbs and lowering you gently into the darkness. From there on out, it’s 35 minutes of enigmatic, experimental noise, industrial trap and dark ambient that’s sometimes soothing but just as often sinisterly alluring. Like staring at an eclipse, you might want to step away for your own health, but even as you find yourself thinking it, you’ll find it hard to reach for that pause button.

The full release can be streamed below ahead of its release this Friday by the ever reliable Trepanation Recordings, so check it out and be sure to pick it up digitally or on CD if you like what you hear.

Vestibule is out 19th November on Trepanation Recordings. Order now.

Words: George Parr

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