Album Premiere: Kelli Frances Corrado – Tuff Feathers

With an utterly unique style of music born in part by a youth spent both sneaking out to hip-hop shows and going to Sunday prayer rituals, Kelli Frances Corrado creates music that is all her own, unlike anything else you’ll find. Using her life experiences as a social worker, student, tap dancer, teacher, wanderer and more and recording in odd places, from seaplane ports and boat houses to warehouses and an old school, everything she records has an alluring air of something spiritual. New album Tuff Feathers is like magical realism in sonic form, one long dreamscape that feels at once vulnerable in a way that’s intrinsically human and yet celestial like something not quite of this universe.

Today, thanks to the wonderful folks at Grimalkin Records, we’re ecstatic to be bringing you the full album premiere! Check that out below, and keep scrolling for the incredible, hallucinatory music video for album track ‘The Mighty Mermaid vs Murky Waters’.

Tuff Feathers is out now on Grimalkin Records. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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