Premiere: Slabdragger – Shrapnel City / Jennifer / Phobos

Since releasing one of the UK doom scene’s finest albums in 2016’s Rise Of The Dawncrusher, things have been fairly quiet in terms of new music from Slabdragger. In the time since, they’ve released only a Frank Zappa covers split with post-metal ensemble Wren. Now though the trio are finally ready and poised with new music, which comes in the form of three storming new tracks brimming with insatiable grooves and guttural brutality. Turns out the wait was well worth it.

The new tracks come as one quarter of a new four-way transatlantic split alongside fellow UK outfit Wallowing and American bands Thin and Vixen Maw. The full split drops this Thursday (30th Sept), but we’re thrilled to be bringing you a premiere for the new Slabdragger tracks right now. It’s an honour to be hosting new music from this beloved band, one of the names who got us started back when the UK doom and sludge scene was the impetus that kickstarted Astral Noize. Check it out below.

The 4-way split is out 30th September via Sludgelord (UK) and Black Voodoo (US).

Words: George Parr

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