The Very First Astral Noize Video Essay Is Out Now

Over the past few years, left-wing and progressive media has seen a huge upsurge. As the world burns, we need a new media that genuinely speaks truth to power, tells the truth and meaningfully discusses the challenges we face right now. But we not only need a new media, we need people to be informed and, most importantly, take action. The video essays we’ll be producing for Astral Noize are just as much to do with education as they are to do with entertainment. 

As part of the first of many video series we have planned, and as part of our ongoing drive to discuss and educate on socio-political matters in and around music, we’re offering incentives for you, the viewer, to engage with the topic at hand. Every video in the new three-part series will contain a short survey, which will ask a few basic questions about the video and ask for receipt of a small donation to a good cause pertaining to the subject matter of the video.

Another key aspect of these surveys is allowing you as the viewer to direct us on what topics you’d like to see covered in further video content, as well as what artists you’d like to see supported, either through the soundtrack, or through the merch The Host wears throughout the video, or the way the set is designed. 

For this first video, we’ll be offering a digital copy of Astral Noize Issue 6 in exchange for answering four simple questions and receipt of a small donation to Tell MAMA, a charity dedicated to combating Islamophobia – we would suggest a donation of around £2, but ultimately whatever you can afford. These surveys will also be entirely anonymous, although there will be the opportunity to join the Astral Noize mailing list if you so wish. 

And, for the first 25 people to fill in all three of the surveys there’ll also be a special prize. More info on that as it comes.

In the first part of our trilogy on censorship, police violence and the profit motive within the black metal and drill scenes, we examine the commonalities the black metal scene has with the UK drill scene, and what these two things say about censorship and state violence.

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