Video Premiere: Zahn – Aykroyd

Pasties with vampire fangs, robotic cows vomiting milk and a smiling cup of coffee are just a handful of the weird and wonderful imagery that float or bounce across the screen in the transfixing new video from noise rock experimentalists Zahn. As far as videos go, this psychedelic mindfuck is a great introduction to the band’s unique instrumental sound. Musically, the track features a steady rhythm repeated to the point of near transcendence, as a churning guitar riff is made weirder by some subtle saxophone flourishes.

The group, consisting of Nic Stockmann (Heads., ex-Eisenvater) Chris Breuer (Heads., ex-The Ocean) and Felix Gebhard (live-Einstürzende Neubauten), will be a must for fans of bands like The Jesus Lizard and Metz, whilst the band will also likely appeal to those infatuated with the weirder end of stoner metal – if Red Fang‘s latest works are up your street, then you’ll find shades of that here for sure.

Check the video out below and be sure to pick up the full self-titled album when it drops on 20th August.

Zahn’s self-titled album is out 20th August on Crazysane Records. Order here. You can also follow the band on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Words: George Parr

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