Premiere: Sense Offender / NIL – Split

With two distinct approaches to sludge-tinged hardcore, UK bands Sense Offender and NIL have combined their talents on this brand new split courtesy of Sludgelord Records. Some people often like to see splits as a competition, pitting the two bands’ skills against each other to see who comes out having made the bigger impact, but here the two artists’ aggressive music works collaboratively, the more angular and mathy approach of Sense Offender dragging your face across the curb before the grooves of NIL’s second half of the split pick you up, dust you off and throw you back down again.

There’s more than enough similarity between the two band’s styles for this split to make a lot of sense, in fact it’s an absolute must for fans of UK metallic hardcore, but it is the differences between the bands that make this such an exciting release. Check it out in full below ahead of its proper release this Friday.

Split is out Friday 30th July on Sludgelord Records. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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