Album Premiere: Eeli Helin – The Lurks

An expansive release of four twenty-plus minute tracks, the new record from experimental Finnish musician Eeli Helin is an imposing but dynamic dive into the psyche of its creator. As a visual artist as well as a musician, Helin’s penchant for dark, noir photography takes sonic form on The Lurks as a unique mix of dark ambient, drone and industrial noise that seeps like shadows at dusk, the night slowly descending as the darkness grows and the sun drags the last glimpse of light over the edge of the horizon.

The great thing about this kind of non-traditional, formless music is the way it paints a scene that impacts each listener differently according to their own tastes, mental state and surroundings at the time of listening. Whether you find The Lurks to be a euphoric expulsion of demons or a frightening existential look at either yourself or the world around you, it will no doubt be a rich and cathartic experience.

Check it out in full below.

The Lurks is out 12th June on Trepanation Recordings. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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