Video Premiere: SAAPSSS – Sunday Morning Church Bells

When you hear of a new project from two members of blackened post-metal act Hundred Year Old Man you’d probably be expecting riffs in some form, but the new undertaking from Owen Pegg (also of Æmaeth) and Tom Wright (also Mohr) takes a very different approach from what the pair are more known for. In truth though, the project’s roots stretch back all the way to 2008, a time when Labour were still in power, Michael Jackson was still alive and not only was Coronavirus non-existent, but Swine Flu hadn’t even made the jump to humans yet.

The duo’s original aim was to create electronic music using live looping and minimal instrumentation, with Pegg using cheap Casio keyboards whilst Wright went for something a bit more modern with his “Roland vs Korg” approach. The results of this starting block are still very much present today, with the project’s music taking on a uniquely nostalgic quality whilst still feeling rich in terms of atmosphere.

The band have seemingly had a fair amount of material for the project for some time, but the Covid pandemic gave them the opportunity to finish the incomplete recordings and put together a full album, which is now set to be released on 2nd July. Reprisals comprises largely of songs written over a decade ago, stretching back to a time when things felt simpler and ever so slightly less shit. It won’t be to all their usual listener’s tastes, but if you’re willing to follow the duo on this unique detour, then you’ll find a surprisingly delightful record with a light tone and tons of character.

Check out the video for album track ‘Sunday Morning Church Bells’ below, and see if this a journey you’re willing to follow the pair on.

Reprisals is out 2 July via Trepanation Recordings. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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