Review / Herzschlager – All The Nights Are Done

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to talk about any new music being released without placing it within the context of the coronavirus pandemic, but with Herzschlager‘s debut EP it seems quite justified. Frustrated with being unable to perform with their regular bands owing to lockdown constraints, vocalist Tom Ballard (Allfather, Wretched Empires) and multi instrumentalist Alan Cordner (Allfather, Harrowed) managed to channel their frustrations into their bristling new hardcore/punk side project Herzschlager.

With the five furious, d-beat infused punk tracks that comprise their debut EP All The Nights Are Done, the two-piece have crafted a wonderfully noisy, cathartic and catchy listening experience. Pounding breakneck drums and a wall of chugging guitars kick off opener ‘Unstoppable Herz’ as Ballard’s screams cruise over the cacophony. After the brief, biting ‘Blood Sick’, infectious hand claps, dirty down-in-the-gutter bass lines and screaming guitar leads give lead single ‘Lazarus Moment’ an almost biting pop edge, elevating Ballard’s raw vocals to powerful new heights. The just-a-minute frantic whirlwind of ‘Rollin’ Bones’ soon gives way to the emotive closing title track, which features Ballard imploring “It fucking kills me when we’re apart, it fucking kills me like a punch to the heart”. Switching gears several times, it’s the EP’s masterful highlight and showcases Cordner’s guitar prowess to great effect.

After a year of turmoil and political corruption coupled with pent-up anger, frustration and confinement, Herzschlager deliver the music we need right now. 

All The Nights Are Done is released 7th May via Rotting Throne Records and can be purchased here

Words: Adam Pegg

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