Premiere: Non Serviam – Cacophobia/Desperandum

Reflecting the fractured and decaying state of the modern world, French collective Non Serviam have concocted an abomination of a musical style, which haphazardly slams black metal and punk up against industrial noise and staccato electronics. That might sound like an insult to some, but believe us it’s intended as nothing more than glowing praise. The band’s sound is frightfully intense and relentlessly chaotic in a way that’s at once arresting and cathartic, but as these new tracks show, they’re also capable of slower, atmospheric compositions with an underlying sense of something sinister.

The band’s latest release, Work, is due out on the first of May but the band have been kind enough to give us a brief insight into the record’s sound in the form of two new tracks, ‘Cacophobia’ and ‘Desperandum’. The former is one of the longer tracks to be released from the EP thus far, starting with one of its calmest moments and from there building into something ominous, prominently displaying the band’s dark ambient side before finally finishing on a slightly more antagonistic note. By comparison, ‘Desperandum’ is almost like drum and bass dismantled and then pieced back together again with dodgy glue.

Work is out 1st May via Trepanation Recordings. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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