A Handful of Bandcamp Friday Recommendations

Another month, another Bandcamp Friday. If your payday earnings are burning a hole in your pocket and you’re looking to support some artists today safe in the knowledge that they’ll be receiving all the money, here’s a handful of recommendations.

Death Goals

Noisy hardcore skramz from Hertfordshire with an intense new record dropping in June.


Breathtaking alt-pop/rock with gorgeous vocals and bewitching melodies. FFO: Aurora, Wardruna, Björk, Eivør


Wonderfully well-executed melodic death metal with a rich poignant atmosphere.


Dynamic blackened death metal that leans heavily on the “blackened”, with some touches of punk and thrash to boot.


The band’s latest is a record absolutely stacked with epics, full of massive Cult Of Luna-esque riffs and dramatic post-metal crescendos.

Concrete Ships

Psychedelic noise rock recorded in an old castle.

Blind Monarch

The sludge band have recently rereleased their debut on vinyl – learn more about the album’s fraught recording in a decaying building here.


Atmospheric, psychedelic black metal by way of techno.

The Hyena Kill

New record A Disconnect is a genuine triumph, and a cathartic listen after everything that’s happened over the last year.

Everson Poe

Today marks the release of Everson Poe‘s new record Grief, an expansive and sludgy record exploring some heavy religious themes.

Aerosol Jesus

Maximalist sludge that confronts internal turmoil head on. Not for the feint-hearted. Hear their ultra-heavy new track here.


Screamo done right, taking the best of the old-school and blending it with the new.

Pupil Slicer

Visceral mathcore that’s absolutely unrelenting in its viciousness.


Skate punk by way of sludge, a fun release but one that also holds a powerful anti-fascist message.


Experimental doom of the highest order, truly essential listening.

Cultum Draculesti

The bewitching black metal duo’s debut album drops in May but the first single can be streamed now.

Christian Cosentino

Christian Cosentino treats metal as secondary to upbeat classical music, with bursts of blackened intensity and post-rock either accentuating the compositions or taking over from the orchestral keyboards in dramatic crescendos.


The Astral Noize Bandcamp page will be shutting down this weekend, why not take this opportunity to pick up the unique special edition box set from Scottish noise wrangler Christwvrks?


New album Slonk is a must-hear for anyone craving something a bit different. Not every meander the band go on works, but it’s exciting to hear them weave some weirdness into their gritty blackened template.

Words: George Parr

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