Video Premiere: Death Goals – Gender Traitor

An abrasive track rooted in noisy hardcore, the latest single from Hertfordshire duo Death Goals is an important step in the band’s trajectory, being the first to be released since drummer/vocalist George Milner (ex-Pet Lib) joined Harry Bailey in the project. For Bailey, however, it also marks another momentous step, being the first time they have opened up about their queer identity in Death Goals’ music.

Dating the lyrics back to 2019, Bailey explains: “I was feeling very introspective about my own queerness, something I’ve never really addressed in song format, and realised more and more that I’ve been incredibly lucky as a white, for the most part straight-passing male in that community and that there were many who were not as fortunate. I looked into conversion therapy, ‘Pray the gay away’ camps, these disgusting ordeals that people within this community have been subjected to often by their own family or community.”

Bailey continues, “I feel the lyrics address the people of the world who subject LGBTQ+ people to these atrocities, we don’t choose to be who we are but we are proud of who we are, we won’t change because you don’t understand us. I’m super excited to have broken the seal and now feel more willing to open up and express that side of myself more publicly.”

This brilliant expression of self-acceptance in the face of bigotry now has an accompanying video, which we’re proud to be bringing you the premiere of below. Check it out and give the band a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Gender Traitor is available now on Bandcamp. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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