Support Domestic Abuse Charity Refuge with the Huge New Compilation from Ripcord Records

Looking at the reaction to recent headlines about a prominent artist in the rock and metal world, it is clear that the scene simply has to do better. Too often we see these instances excused, shrugged off or even treated as inevitable, as if a shock-rock persona justifies abhorrent acts of manipulation and physical abuse.

Frankly, it’s bullshit. The scene can do better, these acts are not inevitable and we can together work for a world and a music industry that properly condemns and de-platforms perpetrators of abuse whilst listening to and believing victims instead of silencing and blaming them. It’s not an easy task and there’s no miraculous cure, rather it is something we must all consistently strive for.

In a world in which domestic abuse is a reality for so many, it is vital that there is support for victims, and there are a number of fantastic charities full of hardworking people dedicated to helping those in need. In the UK, one such charity is Refuge, who provide accommodation, community support, a 24-hour helpline and a host of other services to victims of domestic abuse.

Last Friday, Scotland’s Ripcord Records released two new compilations in support of Refuge, with all proceeds going to the charity. Most notable for our metalhead readers will likely be Refuge: Part II, which features a whopping 78 tracks from artists around the world, together comprising over eight hours of music. Despite featuring such a stacked line-up of awesome artists, from black metal to sludge to post-metal and beyond, the compilation is donate-what-you-want, allowing you to access all this music for as much as you’re able to give.

And, if those genres aren’t quite your thing, the label also have Refuge: Part I, a similarly vast compilation this time featuring math-rock and post-rock, with proceeds also going to Refuge.

Click here to pick up the compilation(s) and head here for more info on Refuge.

Words: George Parr

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