Premiere: Cultum Draculesti – Golden Brooches

Like walking through a barren landscape in the total darkness of night, the new single from Virginia-based black metal act Cultum Draculesti (formerly Spinster City) arrives with a thick, brooding atmosphere so rich that you can almost feel the chill run down your spine as the stuttering feedback gives way to ominous guitars and the hoarse cries of sole member Dionysos Capsalis. ‘Golden Brooches’ is a short but utterly bewitching track that ensnares the listener before leaving them wanting more, with riffs that rain down like a snowstorm and production that instils a pervading sense of foreboding.

Today, on Capsalis’ birthday no less, we’re thrilled to bring you a stream of this stunning single, taken from her upcoming album Antigone The Martyr, which releases February 21st via the always wonderful Grimalkin Records. Give it a listen below then head to the Bandcamp page to check out the pre-order options.

Antigone The Martyr is out 21st February. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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