Review / Kabbalah – The Omen

The second full-length LP from this spooky Spanish trio finds the threesome further hone their songwriting craft to produce an album of outstanding, modern-sounding occult rock with an individual sound all of its own.

Opening with the sinister, doomy ‘Stigmatised’, the album truly finds its feet with the hypnotic, riff-filled second track ‘Ceibas’ which features guitarist Alba letting rip half way though with a gnawing, creepy solo that flashes like lightning across the ever present rumbling bass and rolling tom fills. There are hints of Ghost‘s poppiness here and there (‘Labyrinth’), early Black Sabbath (‘The Ritual’), and on the driving ‘Night Comes Clear’ a nod to Blue Oyster Cult, with its urgent melody, overlapping vocal harmonies and stellar bass work. However, Kabbalah never let these influences overtake their own sound, which is incredibly identifiable and consistent throughout the whole album, something they’ve clearly been working on since the release of their debut album, 2017’s Spectral Ascent. Indeed, on listening to The Omen you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a band that have been making records for decades, given the ease with which each member plays off each other so effortlessly and just how confident it all sounds. Not a second is wasted and what’s more, it’s easy to forget they’re a three piece – such is the fullness and scale of their sound.

Triumphant, assured and increasingly rewarding with each repeated listen, The Omen is the sound of a band truly finding their feet as they stand on the cusp of greatness.

The Omen is out now via Ripple Music and can be purchased here. A limited edition cassette is also available via Stoner Witch Records and can be purchased here.

Words: Adam Pegg

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