Review / Bornwithhair – Someplace To Haunt

The latest release from avant garde metal duo Bornwithhair is their third full length album to be released in a year. The band, which incorporate multiple genre influences in to their kaleidoscopic sound, are as prolific as they are creative. Following on from their atmospheric debut Radical Moon and its more abrasive successor Smoleńska, 2021’s Someplace To Haunt is arguably their most cohesive, and impressive, release yet.

The album’s title track kicks off proceedings with eeire, industrial percussion adorned with mournful organ and near spoken word vocals. The stripped down feel lends the track a twisted, southern gothic tinged feel, half Trent Reznor, half Tom Waits. Elsewhere, the foot-tappingly addictive ‘Reprise Of What Is Not’ is slacker rock turned on its head whilst the bristling post-punk of ‘Disarmament Of The Heart’ sounds like a jaunty disco anthem from hell. Another highlight is the experimental ‘Riot Of Ghosts’ which combines caustic guitar riffs, razor sharp beats and abrasive vocals to stunning effect. ‘Versions of Myself’, which features jazzish brass, classic rock keys and nervous, scattergun guitar licks judders along on its own chaotic energy before the strangely uplifting ‘Empath Your Insurrection’ closes the album with melancholic, early 90s grunge melodies that ride high on a gorgeous, melodic bass line.

It would be fruitless to try and pin down the individual components that make their sound so unique, and it’s not really the point here either. They’ve channelled their influences into creating a whole new beast and with Someplace To Haunt, Bornwithhair have managed to conjure a unique, fresh sound that is truly their own. Without doubt, this will be one of the most intriguing albums you’ll hear this year.

Someplace To Haunt is out 5th February 2021 and is available to purchase here.

Words: Adam Pegg

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