Video Premiere: Kabbalah – Night Comes Near

Reviving the spooky spirit of occult-inspired ’60s/’70s bands like Coven and Black Widow, Spanish trio Kabbalah weave a certain uneasiness into their surprisingly catchy strain of doomy psych rock. With the band now poised ready to release their second full-length The Omen on January 15th, we’re proud to be able to bring you a tantalising taste of this alluring record early with the music video for ‘Night Comes Near’.

The track displays the band’s ability to construct infectious riffs backed up by a certain bewitching atmosphere, as if the subtle melodicism is luring you in before the ominous swirling guitarwork and solemn, ritualistic croons can ensnare you once and for all. Despite a retro tone, there’s shades of contemporary rock and metal strewn across The Omen too, making it a dynamic release that’s more progressive than it initially lets on. Be sure to check it out when it drops in full, but for now, enjoy ‘Night Comes Near’ below.

The Omen is out 15th January via Rebel Waves Records [vinyl/CD] / Ripple Music [vinyl] / Stoner Witch Records [cassette].

Words: George Parr

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