Album Premiere: In Arcadia – Phon

Rochester’s In Arcadia have gone all out for their latest release, taking inspiration from the infinite possibilities of sci-fi whilst building an epic three-part composition constructed by an experimental layering of ambient sounds and textures. The results are vast soundscapes with an otherworldly atmosphere that it’s all too easy to become lost in, from the synth-obsessed opening track to the more percussive movements of the second track and on to the fantastically serene closer. In a genre that’s occasionally hampered by a desire to create the biggest, most dramatic sounds, Phon exceeds because it is understated yet brimming with poignant moments.

The full album drops this Friday, 18th December, but you can listen to the full thing below right now thanks to the ever amazing Trepanation Recordings. Enjoy!

Phon is out tomorrow via Trepanation Recordings. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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