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After an absolute shitshow of a year, the sixth print issue of Astral Noize is now nearly ready for release, and despite a tumultuous production process involving multiple delays, we’re immensely proud of the final product. Alongside several thinkpieces – from editor Richard Lowe, Feminazgûl‘s Margaret Killjoy and AN reviews editor David Burke – there’s retrospectives exploring Morbid‘s December Moon demo and the ways in which it shows us a different side to Pelle Ohlin as well as Linkin Park‘s Hybrid Theory and the futility of nostalgia. Deeper in there’s investigative interviews with Barney Greenway of Napalm Death, Noa Maria of Neckbeard Deathcamp/Whitephosphorous and Moor Mother‘s Camae Ayewa. Alongside these sits features on sci-fi wobblenauts Wallowing, anti-fascist sludge act Adzes and Kenyan experimentalists DUMA. Believe it or not, that’s not all. There’s also an insightful chat with artist Luke Oram exploring the economics of art and the potential benefits of universal basic income, an introduction to nazi-slaughtering death metallers Corpse Thrower, a very 2020-appropriate talk with blackened hardcore crew Respire and even a lengthy back and forth with Blood Incantation, where we chat about psychedelic gods, the problematic nature of ancient alien conspiracies and the benefits of float tanks. All this is topped off by the amazing psychedelic artwork of Ana-Maria Terr, whose fantastic work graces the cover.

Zine drops 11.12.20, pre-orders start 27.11.20.

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