Video Premiere: An Apparition – Live In Lockdown

Brighton-based label Halfmeltedbrain Records don’t deal in bands who aren’t of the weird and wonderful variety, but even by their standards, An Apparition‘s thrilling amalgamation of hardcore punk, prog, noise rock and jazz is pretty out-there. It makes for one heck of a listening experience, the kind that sounds insane on record but especially exceeds in the live environment. It goes without saying that seeing the band live hasn’t been an option this year, but today we’re excited to bring you the next best thing.

Recorded live this year in an undisclosed location, An Apparition’s new video stands head and shoulders above the slew of live recordings that have found their way online during lockdown – not in flashy editing, production or camerawork but in the pure passion and adrenaline of the performance. Check it out below, and enjoy!

Check out An Apparition on Halfmeltedbrain’s Bandcamp.

Words: George Parr

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