Album Premiere: The Owl – Ambient Piano Works Volume 1

Over the years, Paul Priest has built up an impressive discography, having spent time in the likes of Gets Worse, Sloth HammerHundred Year Old ManDiascoriumNarcosis and a host of others. But some of his most interesting work has come under his solo moniker of The Owl, a project that swaps the brutal hostility of metal riffs for the imposing atmospheres of more minimalist compositions. Now 28 releases in, The Owl’s latest album is an ambient and sombre affair dominated by simple melancholic piano, albeit filtered through a lens of drone and post-rock artists such as Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Mono.

This unique album drops on Friday, but we’re streaming the whole album ahead of release below, so give it a listen!

20th November on Trepanation Recordings. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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