Review / DÖ – Black Hole Mass

Helsinki-hailing doom act have been delivering crushing riffs since 2014, and are now ready to brave new waters. Cosmic waters may actually be more apt, as on their new EP Black Hole Mass DÖ focus on psychedelic soundscapes, whilst still bringing the devil horn-worthy riffage.

This release is set around the eponymous ‘black hole mass’, which is divided into three ‘hymns’, all of which praise the almighty astral forces. Heavy. Each of these have their own unique flavour, cementing the theme of an otherworldly mass without forcing the concept down the listener’s ears. The first and third tracks both offer a look into DÖ’s psychedelic side, with the former offering a long, creeping intro, complete with vocal samples and phaser-drenched guitars. The latter offers an almost 60s-esque jam section in the middle, with tasty subdued licks and organ textures throughout. The outro section of this track also finishes off the mass in a resolute and stunning manner. The second track ‘Plasma Psalm’ however, is the riff-filled joker of the pack: a five minute sludge fest which beats you over the head without even saying sorry. A powerhouse of a track, and even though it doesn’t fit thematically it is still a welcome change of pace and keeps up momentum for the lengthy closer.

DÖ have stuck to their roots on this one, whilst branching out and incorporating new sounds which fit right into their repertoire. A boast not many bands can flaunt.

Black Hole Mass is out now and can be purchased HERE.

Words: Sean Elias

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