Review / Big Scenic Nowhere – Lavender Blues

Coming ten months after their debut release Vision Beyond Horizon, Big Scenic Nowhere, the stoner/desert rock group formed by Fu Manchu’s Bob Balch, return with a three track EP of assured, effortless sounding psychedelic tinged rock. Lavender Blues finds the band, which also includes Gary Arce and Bill Stinson of Yawning Man and Mos Generator’s Tony Reed, in much mellower form than on their full length debut, with more focus on groove and improvisation than pedal to metal rockers.

Lavender Blues kicks off with the expansive thirteen minute(!) title track. Rolling in on gently driving bass lines, swirling guitars and floaty vocals that create a free-flowing, jammy vibe to the track, it cruises along effortlessly, taking the listener for a ride down a wondrous, star-drenched desert highway. ‘Blink Of An Eye’, however, offers a subtle change of pace; with its mid-paced groove and catchy vocal passages, it’s the most straightforward offering here and recalls the poppier offerings of bands such as Blue Oyster Cult and Thin Lizzy. The aptly titled closing track ‘Labyrinths Fade’ follows, emerging slowly and doubling down on the loose jam feel of the EP. With some truly wonderful guitar solos that weave in and out of the blissful, hazy mire, it’s a fitting end to the EP.

Similar to what Elder achieved with 2019’s The Gold And Silver Sessions, Big Scenic Nowhere have created an EP that represents the very essence of creating music through collaboration. Lavender Blues is the sound of musicians following their instincts and having a blast creating music together, and quite frankly, it’s a joy to behold. 

Lavender Blues is out 23rd October via Heavy Psych Sounds and is available to purchase here.

Words: Adam Pegg

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