Rally Round Markov Soroka With Benefit Compilation ‘Vigor Reconstruct’

We see the best of the metal scene when the community comes together to support its own or speak up about important causes, and compilations are a key way in which to do this.

As the artist behind Tchornobog, Aureole, Krukh and Drown, Markov Soroka is a bastion of the underground extreme metal scene, constantly striving to bring about creative new releases and often releasing them for free download on Bandcamp. Markov has given metal fans hours of metallic brilliance, so in an hour of need we now have the opportunity to show our appreciation and give something back.

Markov Soroka’s father suffered a severe heart attack earlier this year and has now been left without a job or insurance. The family is now beset with at least $66,000 in medical bills. A new compilation, now available on Bandcamp in time for fee-free Friday, aims to alleviate some of this financial burden.

A stunning line-up of 35(!!) tracks can be downloaded for a minimum donation of $6.66 here, and there’s also an opportunity to win the original hand-painted artwork by Calvin Cushman, as well as original artwork by Karmazid including the Tchornobog logo. Each entry costs $5 – simply send the money to sorokafamilybenefit@gmail.com via Paypal (marking the payment as “Friends and Family”) by the Midnight PST on the 4th October, with winners being announced the following day. Prizes ship globally.

Click here to pick up the compilation.

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