Premiere: Victim Unit & The Parasitic Twins – Geminites

More commonly known for hulking metal that’s part grindcore and part sludge, Hull pairing The Parasitic Twins have opted for a slightly different approach on their latest single, a 13-minute experimental epic that shares similarities with their usual sound but also ventures into much more alien territory as well.

The reason for the change is that this unique track is in fact the result of a collaboration with Reading duo Victim Unit, whose pitch-black merging of industrial punk, razor-sharp grind and piercing harsh noise has proven absolutely feral on past releases.

These two fantastically creative artists butting heads is a massive cause for celebration, with the resulting music being a thoroughly unique slice of cathartic extremity. Check the track out in full below.

Victim Unit’s Danny Page comments, “The collaborative recording was created over one day. The sound engulfs what we both represent as artists and spews back out a far more disgusting beast.”

Geminites is out now through Man Demolish Records.

Words: George Parr

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