Album Premiere: Lacittàdolente – Salespeople

City life is in a constant source of organised chaos. At rush hour, pedestrians shamble to work along the same paths, cars follow marked roads to their destination, pigeons gather on the same rooftops… and yet to view this busy scene without context for each individual, the setting seems frenzied, with so many disparate lives converging if only for this fleeting moment. It’s fitting that the music of Milan’s Lacittàdolente (“the city of pain”, according to Google Translate), is therefore relentless, unforgiving and disorderly.

Debut album Salespeople is mathcore at its most angular and dissonant, with a murky atmosphere that endures throughout its seven tracks. As lyrics repeat and the riffs continue to pummel, it’s a disturbingly apt reminder of the pointlessness of cities and thus the futility of humanity.

This uniquely powerful album drops this Friday, but can heard here in its entirety right now. Enjoy.

Salespeople is out 18th September, with cassette from Trepanation Records and CD from Fresh Outbreak Records, Hidden Beauty Records, Mother Ship, SHOVE Records, Violence In The Veins and Toten Schwan Records.

Words: George Parr

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