Video Premiere: Kira McSpice – Hide

Those who have witnessed the videos for tracks like ‘Fates’, ‘Loon’ and ‘Line Of Vision’ will know that thus far the enigmatic and often abstract music videos released by singer-songwriter Kira McSpice have served only to bolster the unique energy of her funereal and yet uniquely beautiful music.

For ‘Hide’, the new single taken from recent release Aura, the songwriter teamed up with John Quirk for one of her most intriguing videos yet. The closing song on latest release Aura, ‘Hide’ is a delicate but all-encompassing song powered by McSpice’s chilling vocals and imbued with a haunting atmosphere.

The transfixing video seems to perfectly capture the track’s chilling qualities whilst remaining very much open to interpretation. It is best explained by Quirk, who says: “‘Hide’ feels, to me, like a journey; the relief in leaving one uncertainty, only to learn that what’s ahead is no more certain than what was left behind. The piece submerges the listener in a uniquely haunting and beautiful vein, and I hoped to build a visual space that felt like wandering, and sometimes growing lost in this feeling. The visuals utilise shadow and light, movement and stillness, and aim to soak themselves into the frame through the vocal and instrumental guidance of ‘Hide’.”

Today we’re thrilled to bring you the enchanting new video for ‘Hide’, alongside a conversation with McSpice about her ambitious album tetralogy, catharsis through music and more. View the full video below, then click here for the interview.

Click here for our interview with Mcspice.

Aura is out now and can be downloaded here for free, with the artist asking that any donations instead be made to The Loveland Foundation.

Words: George Parr

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