Album of the Week / Terminal Nation – Holocene Extinction

Sometimes an album comes out that perfectly captures a particular moment in time. With the seemingly violent downfall of western civilisation and ecological collapse all set to the backdrop of a deadly global pandemic, it’s safe to say that there wasn’t a better time to release an album like Holocene Extinction.

Even if you have a passing interest in heavy music you will have heard rumblings of something major coming down the tracks. Arkansas-bred outfit Terminal Nation have been on everyone’s watchlist for some time, having picked up a reputation for creating politically-charged grinding hardcore following several killer releases and a venomous split with Neckbeard Deathcamp. The expectation is high, but with Holocene Extinction they have delivered. My word have they delivered.

What Terminal Nation have produced is thirty five minutes of pure volcanic, molten hate. If you are familiar with the band the first thing you’ll notice after you peel yourself off the wall is that they’ve slowed down their sound just a touch. The change isn’t drastic but it’s enough that you feel the impact of every note and beat. The intensity is still there in spades but it has been distilled into something both sharper and heavier. The wild savagery of earlier releases has been morphed into something far more focus, refined and damaging.

The musicianship on here is phenomenal, with monstrous riffs and breakdowns that make you want to run through a wall. Tracks like ‘Leather Envy’ and the title-track are just a sonic kick to the head. Above it all is the inhuman roar of vocalist Stan, taking shots at everything from government abuse and bootlickers to environmental exploitation.

The fact that this band have the potential to be world heavyweights has never been hidden. Holocene Extinction is a major statement of intent, likely an Album of the Year contender and proof for Terminal Nation that the crown is there for the taking.

Holocene Extinction is out 7th August on 20 Buck Spin. Order here.

Words: Nathan Tyler


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