Premiere: Upcdownc – Cold Harbour

With influences spanning various subgenres under metal and rock’s wide umbrella, Medway trio Upcdownc boast an inventive, dynamic style sure to appeal to fans of sludge, doom, prog, post-rock, noise rock and more. The instrumental band’s upcoming album Score promises to build upon the immense quality shown on 2017’s I, Awake, and aims to reflect on a twenty-year career that has spanned countless styles and a string of epic releases.

We’re thrilled to be bringing you the new single ‘Cold Harbour’, taken from Score – a poignant track with a masterfully executed post-rock build.

Talking of the track’s origins and formation, the band’s Chris Garth says: “‘Cold Harbour’ started off as a few ideas on an acoustic guitar which were then re-worked onto an electric with effects pedals. The intro part uses an EHX Mel9 pedal with a volume pedal which creates the string swells. The idea was to make something quite post-rock sounding and less sludgier to start with as a nod to our first few albums. The end section starts as one of those classic post-rock builds but we wanted to basically destroy it. Like a crescendo that can’t cope and implodes before reaching its climax. ‘Stones from the Sky’ by Neurosis was definitely something that influenced the ending.”

Check it out below!

Score is out 28th August on Trepanation Recordings. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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