Video Premiere: Sander Cohen – Mommy!!! What’s Wrong With That Man’s Face?

For many, the greatest struggle of lockdown has been striving to not give in to our own self-destructive tendencies whilst stuck at home, and it is these tendencies, as well as the negative effects they can cause for ourselves and those around us, that inspired the latest single from punky UK metal quartet Sander Cohen.

The caustic track, taken from the band’s upcoming EP Channeling Hank, is reflective of the struggles of these odd but bleak times, with the simple setup of the music video (shot during lockdown) emphasising these themes – it’s as easy to relate to a man alone surrounded by imaginary friends and empty cans as it is to the bird caged in the corner behind him.

Much more personal than the seemingly silly title suggests, it’s a powerful track that hints at grand things ahead for this exciting band. Check out the video below, and be sure to keep an ear out for the EP when it drops later this year.

Channeling Hank is out in September through HalfMeltedBrain Records. 

Words: George Parr

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