Video Premiere: Obey Cobra – OK Ultra

The uniquely serene and otherworldly music of Welsh outfit Obey Cobra makes use of an inventive blend of post-punk, ethereal electronics, psychedelia and brief flashes of something heavier and doomier. Their sound is truly breathtaking, but it’d be a sin to simply listen to their music and miss out on the strong visual component that accompanies their work. In particular, the band’s music videos are always mind-warping slices of celestial beauty, and the latest is no different.

‘Ok Ultra’ is the fifth video to be released from their debut record Oblong. A collaborative piece made with Action Movement Peace creator, dancer and performer Alys Morgan Pearce, the video is enchantingly beautiful, and surprisingly soothing despite some subtly unsettling imagery. Check it out below, and be sure to give the band a follow on Facebook for updates on future releases.

Oblong is out now. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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