Astral Noize Records Against Covid: All Proceeds Going to the NHS

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Astral Noize Records are incredibly proud to bring you a colossal compilation of tracks from artists that have previously featured on the label. From classic hard-hitters to blistering exclusive track premieres from Aerosol Jesus, Christwvrks, Hundred Year Old Man and Gateway Drug (James Thomas of Oriza), this compilation serves as a great introduction to our label whilst attaining the aggression of a huge “fuck you” to the virus that has caused so much damage all over the globe.

This is your best chance to get to know our artists and our releases whilst supporting a great cause, with all proceeds going directly to aiding our NHS in the ongoing battle against Covid-19.

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Full tracklisting: 

Herd Mover –  Bilious Stare 

Geist – Buried Language 

Ill In Pain – Men Of The West 

Tendrils – A Face For Collapse 

Warren Schoenbright –  Abject Engine 

Aerosol Jesus – Swords (Demo)

Menmon Sa & Miser – Pillars Of Tiamat

Kurokuma – The Tides Of Time 

Five The Hierophant – II 

Wren – Atrophia 

Gateway Drug (James Thomas of Oriza) – The Shrander 

Tides Of Sulfur – Worms

Wallowing – IV: Hail Creation (Live at S.O.A.N) 

Hundred Year Old Man – Ascension (Incomplete Advance Listen)

Tilde – Am Fear Liath Mor 

Christwvrks – Do You Remember 

Oriza – Regimes 

Mister Lizard – Natures Bagpipe 

Under – Abyssal Gigantism 


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