Album Premiere: Noosed – Butcher

Fascism, climate change, poverty, war… humanity is constantly staring catastrophe in the face, and in the modern day, these threats seem more real than ever. It’s as if we’re staring through the hangman’s noose, awaiting a fate we can’t avoid. This is the imagery that adorns Butcher, the latest release from ruthless extreme metal act Noosed, which boasts an imposing amalgamation of some of heavy music’s most stifling styles, from frenzied grind and overwhelming noise to filthy sludge and antagonistic crust.

Under the current circumstances, of course, such imagery has taken on a different context, one the band couldn’t have foreseen but that nevertheless reminds of us the bleak situation we find ourselves in. As such, Butcher is not the record to go to for some much-needed escapism, but it can be a source of catharsis through confrontation. This record may sound brutal, but it’s a true reflection of the world – to use an old cliché, Noosed are merely holding up a mirror to society.

This delightfully macabre release drops on Friday, but if you can stomach it, all 14 minutes are available to hear in full below.

Butcher is out 15th May on Trepanation Recordings. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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