Music Venue Trust X Astral Noize Events: For Our Venues

As a promotion company dedicated to delivering showcases of the best heavy music the UK (and beyond) has to offer, the recently announced #SaveOurVenues Fund launched by Music Venue Trust addresses an issue that’s close to the hearts of us at Astral Noize Events – the promotions wing of Astral Noize.

In these unprecedentedly trying times, the already vulnerable live music industry is one of many facing economic struggles, with hundreds of smaller music venues struggling to survive, let alone turn a profit. With this in mind, and with this being a potentially urgent issue right now, not to mention one that could play a vital role in ensuring the DIY music scene’s continued strength, we’ve decided to run the first Astral Noize charity compilation in support of #SaveOurVenues, to help protect the venues most at risk. We’re proud to bring you a selection of beloved bands we’ve had the pleasure to put on at Astral Noize Events shows.


For a minimum donation of just £3, you’ll get tracks from the likes of riotous black metallers Underdark, post-sludge maestros Torpor and doom titans Slabdragger, as well as an exclusive, unreleased new track from Nothing Clean and a recent live recording from Pijn. Cover art comes courtesy of Ross Sargeant of Pascagoula.

Check out the full tracklist below, and be sure to follow Astral Noize Events and Astral Noize Records on Facebook for updates involving this and any future compilations.



Underdark – With Bruised And Bloodied Feet

Atomck – Every Room

Charlotte Light And Dark – Cloud Unconsciousness

Pascagoula – Human Bomb

Lugubrious Children – Don’t Be Yourself

Sūrya – The Purpose

Vile Sect – Alive

Heriot – World Collapse

Chalk Hands – Charm

Tellus Effluentia – Irretrievable

F. Emasculata – What’s In The Jar

Meadows – Earthhorn (10,000BC)

Nothing Clean – High On Guilt

Pijn – Denial (Live)

Grim Existence – Chambers Echo

Human Leather – When You’re So Boring You Have to Impress People With Inanimate Objects

Harrowed – Stark Terrors

Torpor – Enigmatic Demand

Zek – Technophile

Earth Moves – Their Eternal Home

Opium Lord – Centurion

Calligram – Carne

Monolithian – The Mountain Bows To No One

Negative Measures – Beneath The Ground

Slabdragger – Evacuate


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