Premiere: Nadir – Tungetale

With a raucous blend of frenzied aggression and infectious melodies, Norwegian newcomers Nadir may have just crafted one of the most thrillingly ruthless EPs of the year. The band have one foot set firmly in the realm of black metal, but are more than willing to shed the traditions of their homeland and branch out into sludgy riffs and hardcore antagonism. Theirs is a gritty style full of unbridled belligerence, but a knack for a memorable hook means that, whilst their music might hit like a ten-tonne truck, it’s also catchy and to-the-point.

The band’s four-track debut EP The Great Dying drops on 1st May, but you don’t have to wait that long for your introduction to the band, as a track from the release is available exclusively right here! Check out the EP’s furious opener ‘Tungetale’ below, then be sure to follow the band on Facebook for updates.

The Great Dying is out 1st May. Order here.

Words: George Parr

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