Malevolence / The Other Side

It’s been a few years since we last heard from Sheffield’s Malevolence, with their last release Self Supremacy being back in 2017. Time doesn’t matter though, as the metallic hardcore bruisers are here to show us they’re still on top form with their new EP The Other Side.

This three-track EP acts as a perfect demonstration of what Malevolence are capable of. The first two tracks are straight up, full-speed attacks, comprising everything you’ve come to expect from the band, with mountain-sized riffs and rib-breaking pit breakdowns. Track two, ‘Keep Your Distance’, features a monstrous guest vocal appearance from Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose that simply makes you want to kick a hole through a wall. The closing title-track can only be described as a crushingly heavy power ballad, bringing more depth and musicianship to the assault of the previous two tracks.

With The Other Side Malevolence aren’t rewriting their own rule book, but do they really need to? When the music is as well written, genuine and sincere as this it’s a total joy to listen to. The production needs a shout as well; every second of this EP sounds massive and the band, being as fiercely independent as they are, did as much as they could in house. The Other Side is a fantastic EP and whilst it doesn’t deviate far from what we’ve come to expect it is certainly whetting the appetite for what will surely be an almighty third album.

The Other Side is released 24th April via MLVLTD Music and can be purchased here.

Words: Nathan Tyler 

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